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Carbonless paper(sheets)
Carbonless paper(sheets) Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese professional paper and printing manufacturer, located in Henan the north part of China.tel:0086-15837312874,0086-373-5858028 Online Message 固話 0086-373-5858028 手機 0086-17638361126
Product Details:
  •     Substance:  CB 46-120gsm; CFB 48-80gsm; CF 46-120gsm, or custom-made for bulk   production.

  •     Regular sheets size: 787*1092mm; 889*1194mm;880*615mm; 609*863mm; 770*110mm;610*860mm;700*1000mm;590*840mm,And also be customized.

  • Impression: black or blue image

  • Transfer image: 6 ply

  • Color: white, pink, yellow, blue, green, red

  • Package:500sheets/ream, craft paper wrapped ,with film around,wood board on top  and strapped ,26 or 27reams/pallet.

  • Storage years:2-7years

  • ODM&OEM: Available




Application area  :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

NCR  is widely used in tax authorities, government finance, post services, businesses, banks and many other trades and industries.

CONTACT US Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd!
Skype: ?/ QQ:2790332398
Tel: 0086-373-5858028
Mobile: 0086-17638361126
E-mail: davos@davosgroup.cn ?/ davos@davosgroup.cn
Factory: Longquan Industrial Park Area, Xinxiang, Henan, China.
Office: Rm 3406,Jiayi Internet Building,Jinsui Avenue,Xinxiang,Henan,China.