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Latex Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese professional paper and printing manufacturer, located in Henan the north part of China.tel:0086-15837312874,0086-373-5858028 Online Message 固話 0086-373-5858028 手機 0086-17638361126
Product Details:

Product Name: Latex

Model No.: TSC-5

Appearance: White emulsion

PH (10%): 6.0-9.0

Viscosity(25℃): ≥50mPa.s

Package: 200kg plastic drum, IBC or as clients customization

Usage: Paper coating chemical

Detailed Introduction: 

The product is mainly used to improve the paper and paperboard tensile strength, tear strength, water resistance, oil resistance and flexibility. It is applied to the surface of the machine, and the physical properties and the printing performance are improved.

As a coating paper or paperboard adhesive to improve coating strength, surface gloss, printability, and make paper or cardboard with abrasion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and flexural properties.
Dipping in the latex to obtain some special properties on the production of certain special industrial cardboard.

Styrene butadiene rubber latex products are used for coated paper, and carboxylated styrene butadiene latex is suitable for decorative base paper, wear-resistant paper, high-grade coated paper, white paper. Improve production efficiency.

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