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NCR Spacer
NCR Spacer Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese professional paper and printing manufacturer, located in Henan the north part of China.tel:0086-15837312874,0086-373-5858028 Online Message 固話 0086-373-5858028 手機 0086-17638361126
Product Details:

Product Name: NCR Spacer

Model No.: TSC-6

Appearance: milk white emulsion

Whiteness: >95%


PH value: 6.5-8.0

Package: 25kg woven bag lined with plastic film or as clients customization

Usage: Paper coating agent


Detailed Introduction:

The product is starch phosphate by oxidation and meet the modified starch products. After the introduction of denatured starch phosphate carboxyl and other active genes, so that it remains state of starch granules oval. The introduction of active genes greatly improved the level of starch and coating adhension. Interval of 15-25um in diameter of starch granules accounted for 60-80% to meet the paper and the separation between the role of microcapsules.

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