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Resin Color Developer
Resin Color Developer Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese professional paper and printing manufacturer, located in Henan the north part of China.tel:0086-15837312874,0086-373-5858028 Online Message 固話 0086-373-5858028 手機 0086-17638361126
Product Details:

Product Name: Resin Color Developer

Model No.: TSC-2

Appearance: Milky white emulsion

Solid content (%): ≥ 45

Viscosity(at 25℃,mpa.s): 100-600

Mean particle diameter (μm): ≤ 1.5

PH value: 4.0-6.0

Zinc content (%): ≥4.5

Density: 1050~1150kg/M3

Package: 200kg plastic drum, IBC or as clients customization

Usage: Paper coating agent


Detailed Introduction:

The product is a resin color developer which belongs to zinc salicylate type. It is an ideal resin color developer of a new generation. It is used for carbonless copy paper(CF or CFB). It enjoys the following advantages: rapid color development at low temperature, high coating whiteness, good color intensity and slow light-resistant aging.

The emulsion will be easily damaged when temperature is higher than 60℃. Violent collision or edge tool cut should be avoided in order to prevent leakage and storage temperature should not be lower than 5℃.


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