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Carbonless Paper Coating Machine Production Line
Carbonless Paper Coating Machine Production Line Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese professional paper and printing manufacturer, located in Henan the north part of China.tel:0086-15837312874,0086-373-5858028 Online Message 固話 0086-373-5858028 手機 0086-17638361126
Product Details:

This coating machine unit mainly includes paper putting machine, air knife coating applicator, hot-air drying device, the debug mode device, roll paper device. The machine is driven by frequency conversion motor. With the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, lower loss of paper.

Technical parameters:

Designed speed


Working speed


The base paper ration


Coating weight


The width of the base paper


The maximum roll diameter


Drying way

single hot air drying

Radiator vapor pressure


Drying cylinder pressure


Finishing method

dryer conditioning

Host power

42KW (without paint preparation system, cut paper and others)

The maximum external dimensions

length 17000mm, width 4000mm, height 4500mm

machine weight

about 18000kg





Company Profile:

DAVOS INDUSTRIAL(HENAN)CO.,LTD has rich experience in special paper coating production line and related technology. Through many years' efforts, we already have many successful cases in paper coating industry area, such as duplex board coating production line, cast-coated paper coating production line, sticker paper production line, especially carbonless paper and thermal paper making production and coating production line.

We successfully help some customers to set up their countries' first carbonless paper production line and do our great effort to promote their paper industry level, and in other some countries, we recommend more advanced machine to customers to improve their production capacity. Our engineer is available for exporting machine installing and testing running, and supply the technical support for customer workers training.

Based on holistic solving project, we can provide turnkey works.

We promise:

· Professional and reasonable suggestion for design of whole production line;

· High quality equipment with detailed description and assembly drawing;

· Professional and safety transportation;

· Engineers on-site production line installation & commissioning;

· Give training to local worker;

· Equipment upgrade and remould;

· Turn the whole normal run production line to our customer;

· Supply professional technical support during production.

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    CONTACT US Davos Industrial(Henan) Co.,Ltd!
    Skype: ?/ QQ:2790332398
    Tel: 0086-373-5858028
    Mobile: 0086-17638361126
    E-mail: davos@davosgroup.cn ?/ davos@davosgroup.cn
    Factory: Longquan Industrial Park Area, Xinxiang, Henan, China.
    Office: Rm 3406,Jiayi Internet Building,Jinsui Avenue,Xinxiang,Henan,China.